Lynsey Ferguson

AKA - The Mighty Mama Coach

Hi, my name is Lynsey and I love all things relating to the pelvic floor! So much so I have one tattooed on my leg! I am also in awe of how powerful women are. There are so many strong and wonderful women out there.

Anyway I am qualified personal trainer and I specialise in working with women who are looking to get pregnant, are pregnant or mums (no matter how long you have been a mum).

I have worked in the Fitness Industry for over 13 years after getting my degree in Sports Medicine. Most of that time I have been working with women but it was only after I had my own babies that my interest in pre and post natal training peaked. I was given no decent info on exercise after a miscarriage, exercise during pregnancy, exercise after baby was born, after forceps, haemorrhaging, muscle separation, weak pelvic floor and then finally a C-Section (that all wasn't the one birth, that would have been very traumatic)

Even though I worked in the fitness industry I didn't realise the damage I was doing to myself and it was difficult to come to terms with the fact that a lot of the damage I did was by rushing into exercise again and if I had only known to go see a Women's Health Physiotherapist and complete some rehab I would be in a different position.

So my mission here is to create a space for women (you) to navigate your journey into motherhood armed with all the information so that you can make informed decisions on the best way to get back to the exercise you love, or if you didn't exercise before to help you find something you love. I want to make sure that you can protect your pelvic floor, heal any Diastasis Recti and generally feel stronger to smash your life as a mum and a woman.

Thank you for joining me. I really hope I can make a difference.