Recovery ain’t easy!

So I am now 2 weeks post natal. To say it has been challenging is putting it mildly

I have had 3 very different birthing stories and 3 very different recoveries.

Having 2 little boys who miss and need me and who I am still not really able to do anything for has been hard. Seeing them be upset about it was harder than being in hospital.

So how has the actual recovery process been going?

Well the 1st week was not difficult to take easy. Couldn’t do it any other way.
I was uncomfortable, sore, tired and topped up with the usual mum guilt for my boys was no walk in the park but hey it went by quickly.

2nd week I turned a corner. Started to feel better. Then I got mastitis which set me back for a couple of days. That is not fun to get!

Yesterday I finally felt much better

Still tired because that’s not going away anytime soon.
I was still conscious of not doing much because you know major surgery.

But my husband had asked me to sort through all the clothes he had washed as he was getting mixed up with the boys clothes.

I did this and pushed it a bit far. Got myself comfortable and folded them all. Then thought I need to get them all upstairs as husband was at work and for the first time I didn’t have someone to do everything for me.

In hindsight I should have left them for him. Lifted what I thought wasn’t too heavy but with how I feel this morning indicates that I need reign it in.

The funny thing is I am not interested in rushing back into exercise and am so focused on rehab and regaining function. But I got carried away with tasks I didn’t think much of because I am confident in my strength but at the end of the day I have been through major surgery and on top of that I have a newborn to care for and 2 little boys that need me to be strong and well too so I need to not rush into the normal everyday tasks because my husband will happily do it for me.

Am I entirely happy with how my body looks? Not really. I don’t feel comfortable being this shape but I am not interested in focusing on that at the moment.

I want to regain the function in my pelvic floor. I am not interested in missing out on activities with my babies like trampolining for the sake of losing some tummy fat.

I am not willing to suffer from back pain and increase my risk of a hernia because I haven’t focused on healing my muscle separation and instead I have opted for crunches and planks to flatten my tummy.

So I haven’t done any exercises other than working on my breathing and my posture. I have also started adding in walking every day for at least 10-15 mins.

I am going to slowly get stronger, fitter and healthier in the smartest way possible and when I get back to lifting the heavy weights again with Ally I won’t need to worry about damaging my body.

And my shape?

That will take care of itself through time.