‘We aren’t built to lift heavy’

This is advice I got from a physio I visited to get an assessment on my pelvic floor and my diastasis recti.

I am calling bullshit on this!

Apart from the unbelievable dated view from this physio, my mind was just blown by this view! I was told that I should be swimming, walking and some yoga, but not all yoga.

But life as a mum is all about lifting heavy little people and stuff.

Ok not like weight lifters but we are lifting all day long.

And Here is why we need to be strong

I took my boys to nursery as usual. I had my baby carrier on so I got Harley in it. Helped the boys get their coats on and get their bags. Then Noah tripped and split his lip open hitting it off the ground.

Cue a very upset boy.

He needed his mummy to cuddle him.

So I picked him up. I had to hold him to the side as Harley was on my front. I had to pick his bag and jacket up and carry them all in whilst comforting him.

Now who can really tell me that being strong isn’t going to help me in that situation?

I also went to meet a friend for coffee today and had to park in car park on the top floor because my bus of a car wouldn’t fit in the other spaces (joys of a 7 seater)

Anyway once I parked I realised the lift was broken. Cue me walking down 14 flights of stairs carrying my baby and her heavy changing bag and then carrying her and the bag back up when I left to go get my boys.

And how do you get strong?

Strength training!

Lifting heavy things!

Are we really going to tell women that they are not going to benefit from strength training?

I am not saying that we can all go rushing back into lifting weights. Not at all.

We need to take our time and go to a physio to get our pelvic floor muscles checked.

We need to exercise smart.

Correct our posture

Ensure we are breathing correctly

And learn how to lift weight safely and effectively so that we can enjoy our lives.

I want to be able to lift my children when they need it.

I want to be able to carry the bags I need and my child without being in pain.

I want to be able to dance and play with my children pain free

Strength training is the way to do this.

My last piece of advice is to find a trainer who knows how to program you a safe program.

• Who asks if you have any issues with your pelvic floor.

• Who understands that a new mother shouldn’t be doing planks, crunches, running, and any high impact exercises before doing some rehab on your pelvic floor and core.

• Go to a women’s health physio who is up to date on the current research and practices to take you back to full function.

We want function

We want pain free

And we want to enjoy our lives