Why I chose a Caesarean section for my final birth

I had 2 vaginal births before my 3rd pregnancy and I never considered that I would end up having a caesarean section with my 3rd. 

At about 15 weeks pregnant I had the wonderful experience of being my sisters birthing partner for her csection. It was the first and probably only time I thought that it may happen to me and that was only because I was asked if I wanted to look. I said no just in case I had to go through it and I would be more nervous. 

Anyway I got to 28 weeks when it was discovered that I had a health condition and I was told I would be monitored but a caesaraen section might be the outcome. I had to get my head around this but mainly because I knew it was major surgery and I would have a tough recovery with a 4yr old, 2 yr old and newborn.

Harley wasn't for moving and was lying transverse. I was told I was high risk of going into labour early due to my condition. They told me that if my waters went I had to get down on all fours, stick my bum in the air and phone an ambulance. I was also advised not to be alone with my children in case this did happen. 

The end of my last pregnancy was filled with fear and I suffered from a lot of anxiety. After one of my countless trips to the hospital for a couple of hours of monitoring I broke down in tears so they agreed to keep me in. 

I spoke with my consultant and I was told that there was no medical reason for me to have a csection at that point. They had previously booked me in for one and it was scheduled for that week. So we discussed it further, I was informed of all the risks and I was told that there was a big chance that I would end up with a csection at the end if they couldn't turn her. I was given the night to talk it over with my husband. 

We came to the decision that we would try turn the baby on the Wednesday and if that didn't work we would go ahead with the surgery as planned on the Thursday. 

For us this was the best option. With the risk of my waters going and pushing the umbilical chord out first increasing the longer I was pregnant and needing emergency intervention was just too scary for me. I was feeling vulnerable being away from my family and I knew my boys needed me too. I had prepared for the surgery anyway as I had been told it was an option at 32 weeks pregnant and told I would be taken in at 35 weeks if she hadn't turned anyway.

 I am not going to say the recovery was easy but neither was my first recovery from Nathan. Every birth is different even in the same family but no matter the method in which you give birth that is still what it is. Giving birth.