Why my business isn't about fat loss

Fat loss - its the goal all of us mums are chasing right?

Or is it? 

Or do we feel pressured to lose weight because of all the media messages surrounding new celebrity mums with their amazing post baby bodies (I am not for one minute shaming these women as they are mums too. It is the media message that needs to change)

Or have we had comments about our weight from family or acquaintances. Or the comment from previous pregnancies that 'we don't look like we have had a baby' like it is something to be ashamed of. 

I, for one, think this is bullshit. 

This pressure on new mums has got to stop. It is affecting our self worth, mental health and our ability to be mummies. 

I want to get one thing clear though, I don't think that fat loss is a bad goal. In fact I have a goal of fat loss at the moment. If all the circumstances are good then fat loss can have many benefits especially for your health. 

Let me explain my situation, my baby is 14 months old and I feel like I can focus on it a bit better. I am lucky that I have never really had many body issues but I am larger than I have ever been, I have had comments made to me about my size. I sometimes feel judged when I tell people I am a trainer. But what I don't feel is my worth being attached to my size. I don't shy away from anything because I am bigger than I used to be. I don't believe that I am not a good trainer because I haven't lost all the weight I put on in my journey as a mother. 

My reason for fat loss is that I just feel physically uncomfortable in my body. The extra weight is an issue for my already crappy knees and I struggle to be as mobile as I once was and I love moving. Moving well makes me feel alive and it keeps me sane so it is a win for mental health. 

I also love clothes and I believe if something makes you feel good you should wear it regardless of your size and what anyone else thinks but for me I can't get things to fit me because of my shape and frame. This makes me sad as I do get a lot of joy from clothes. 

So if your goal is fat loss then I am not saying you shouldn't go ahead and work towards that goal but I want you to consider a few things first. Please.

1. The most important is to consider why this is your goal. Is it because you feel the pressure to lose weight? Do you think your worth is wrapped up in your size? If so, then weight loss will most likely not help with this. We are worth so much more than how our bodies look. We have so much to give our families, work, the world and most importantly ourselves. Take some time to think of your why.

If you really feel it is the right goal for you then consider the following:

2. Do you have any issues with your pelvic floor ? Do you have a Diastasis Recti? If so, have you seen a physio and how is that healing? Weight loss before you focus on these things may only lead you to more injury and will be the longer route to your goals anyway. 

3.  How is your sleeping? Are you surviving on a few hours sleep a night? This probably isn't the best time to be looking at cutting calories. Sleep is essential for your body to repair and if you are not getting enough then cutting calories will only make you feel worse. Not to mention the strain on your mental health. Look at your diet and if you can make healthier choices to your diet then go for it but try not to fixate on it. Don't stress about it at the moment. It is a short period of time that you will be suffering from sleep deprivation. 

4. Are you breastfeeding? how is that going for you? I am not saying that you can't have the goal of fat loss during breastfeeding however, is it the best thing for you and your baby? If you feel confident you can stay well nourished and breastfeeding is going well then maybe it is ok for you. 

Fat loss isn't a bad goal to have but with so many voices out there pushing mums to think that they need to lose weight and it is their only goal, I am not willing to add to that narrative. If healing your body and becoming stronger to deal with the daily tasks of motherhood is your goal then I am your trainer. I will support your goals with fat loss but never at the expense of everything else. 

If you want anymore information on my programs or to talk over anything that is causing you an issue then please send me a message on facebook, instagram or shoot me an email at info@themightymamacoach.com