Highly recommend the mighty mama coach. I worked with her all through my pregnancy and felt strong and prepared the whole way through. Aches and pains were a reason for going rather than avoiding as I felt so much better afterwards. I also joined her rehab sessions and these are fab. I seen a dramatic improvement in my pelvic floor and by persevering with what she taught me I no longer have to attend physio! She is so full of knowledge and sessions are so adaptable to how your feeling on the day.
— Julie
I first started going to the Mighty Mama coach one year post baby and can’t praise it enough. I was unsure what to expect having never been to a personal trainer. Lynsey explained things so well and put me at ease straight away. I suffer from lower back pain and lynsey was great at adapting the exercises to suit. Now I feel stronger, fitter and able to enjoy my time running after my daughter. Thanks Lynsey
— Lorna
Working with Lynsey was a revelation for me. Not only did she work closely with me to ensure her Core Rehab programme was focused on the issues I struggled with, she also really bolstered my confidence at a time when I was less than in love with my body. She’s not all about fat loss and bounce back...instead the focus at The Mighty Mama Coach is on being strong enough to cope with being a Mama on both the physical and emotional levels.
— Katie
I met Lynsey after I had a miscarriage and I was at a low both fitness wise and emotionally. Lynsey gave me the confidence to train and a lot of support while I was recovering. I continued to train with Lynsey when I got pregnant again and was happy to be working out knowing i was under the supervision of someone with a lot of experience in this specific area. I recently completed the 6 week rehab with Lynsey after having a baby girl through an emergency section. My baby girl is now 4 months old and loved coming to the classes with me. I really enjoyed the programme and would highly recommend it. I am now confident to get back to doing weight training which i now love and have become one confident mama!! Thanks Lynsey.
— Ramya
Lynsey is such a breath of fresh air for the pre and post natal fitness industry and turned it all around for me. She is an expert in her field and really cares more than anyone I’ve come across about women’s health and well-being. The course was fun and all the time hugely centred on how to best care for our bodies after everything they’d gone through to bring babies into the world. If you’re looking for supportive and specialist training from a woman who really knows her stuff, look no further. She really makes you feel like a new woman, mentally and physically.
— Jen
After my first baby, I was unsure how far I could push my body without doing more damage in the process, especially since I had had a c-section birth. Lynsey guided me through this journey with her 6 week programme, personalised for me and teaching me exercises to help with everyday life as a mum as well as advising how I could get back to where I wanted to be longer term. Lynsey was a great coach and I would thoroughly recommend her classes for any new mum!
— Meryl
From working with Lynsey a very short time I felt much stronger and fitter and had less pelvic pain. This was achieved at a gentle pace however and Lynsey is especially skilled at motivating you but keeping things enjoyable. I had a lot of anxiety about gyms and exercise in general so her approach was just perfect for me. If you’re keen to get back into exercise during or after pregnancy I couldn’t recommend Lynsey enough! She’s really informed about women’s health and I’ve learnt so much from being trained by her and looking forward to continuing this journey
— Louise
I started working with Lynsey in January, 12 weeks after having my baby girl. I loved being trained by Lynsey because she not only worked on my specific exercising needs but was fantastic with my little girl. I now feel back to my normal self after childbirth and ready to continue exercising with the wealth of knowledge she has given me
— Karen