There are so many things that get in our way when trying to fit exercise in as a mum. Time, Money, finding childcare, putting everyone else’s needs before our own and then figuring out how to work out safely and effectively in a body you are not used to.

That is why I have created a space for you that allows you to bring along your children, we have a flexible booking system, other mums to chat with during class and all classes are led by myself, mama in charge, fully trained and qualified pre and postnatal exercise specialist.

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During your time with The Mighty Mama Coach you will get full support in whatever you need to get back to exercise safely.

I will support you through pregnancy, finding the best exercises to ensure you feel strong and ready for birth and life as a mum. You will be surrounded by other mums to be so will not be in this alone.

Exercising once you become a mum can be chaotic so I try my best to give you the best workout whilst giving you the piece of mind that your children are safe and happy.

Don’t take my word for it.

Once you have started with The Mighty Mama Coach you will be supported both in class and at home. You will be given workouts to do when you are not with me and access to our Facebook with all the other members for support, answer any questions you have or just listen when you need an ear.

You will be checked for Diastasis Recti and given guidance on any issues surrounding this or pelvic floor dysfunction which will allow me to tailor your programs to your specific needs.

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We are situated on the 1st floor of The Hive building, Go through the door on the left hand side if you are facing the building.

The Hive

1069 Argyle St


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