Why Strength Training is important in pregnancy and for mums

Yesterday was rest day in terms of doing an exercise program for me.

But if you are a mum already you know there really is very few rest days when you have small children

So ill tell you a little about a typical day in my life with a 2 year old and 3 year old.

I got up at 5:30 (yes I know, it sucks! I also said I was never getting up earlier than 7!)

Carried my 2 yr old (who is weighs probably a little more than 10kgs, he is tiny so that isn't too bad) downstairs, fed both children breakfast, emptied dishwasher, put a washing in and emptied tumble dryer (anyone else hate laundry as much as I do?)

Bathed the boys, so that involved lifting both in and out of the bath. Wrestling with them to dry them and clothe them as they tried their best to run away ( they did run away, I did need to climb under the bed to retrieve my 2 yr old)

Lifted them in and out their car seats (my 3yr old is a lot bigger probably about 20kgs)

We walked to and from softplay. I pushed my youngest in his buggy, it wasn't a flat road and oh yeah it was also pretty windy (thanks Glasgow weather)

We played in soft play for about an hour and a half

I wasn't doing anything I didn't need to as my sister (who has just had her baby was beginning to feel more energetic) took over for a bit.

But I was climbing stairs and through tunnels as that was what was needed to make sure they were safe and more importantly had fun. I didn't struggle with this the way I have in the past!

I did take it at my 2 yr olds pace (which granted sometimes that meant running after him whilst he tried to escape) but mostly it was a comfortable pace.

Then came leaving time. I chased and wrestled with them to get their shoes on. They were not happy! I was exhausted trying to put shoes on a wriggling child whilst protecting my tummy.

My 3 yr old cried the whole way home (the only part of the day that wasn't fun for me!)

My wonderful husband finished work and my work was halved.

I cooked dinner for boys

I walked to the shops to get ingredients for our meal so we could have an adult meal. Simon bathed the boys and got them into bed

I carried a heavy bag with milk in it home. It wasn't a struggle but I was tired. In hindsight this wasn't a good idea after the active day I had. I should have taken the car the short distance.

I did over 11,000 steps and climbed many stairs and regularly lifted over 10kgs

I didn't sit down much.

This isn't what happens every day. Sometimes I don't move much and the boys play with their toys in the house.

But it is a regular occurance.

What is the point of all this you say

I am getting there I promise!

When I sat down to watch the finale of Game of Thrones (it was amazing!) I wasn't as sore as I have been in previous pregnancies or post partum

Strength training is the key here.

I have been having days like this since my first son was born. Granted it has got harder and heavier work but I started properly strength training in Oct last year.

What a difference in being able to cope with this kind of day and in fact it meant I ended up doing too much (but that is a lesson learned for me now)

Strength training is what got me through this and still standing at the end of the day.

I haven't been in pain apart from slight discomfort in my pelvis. No Back Pain! YAY!

I can carry my children with a lot more ease.

I don't need to wait for some help to get groceries as I don't feel the same discomfort.

I love lifting weights at the gym so it is easy to keep up but even if you think it is not your thing I promise your life will be so much better anyway!

If I can help out at all please send me a message on facebook and i'll help any way I can.